Thursday, March 26, 2009

How life has changed

Well, life HAS changed drastically for the Leslie Phenald family. What you ask is so different? Well, 6 weeks ago we lived in the small town of Pride, Louisiana and now we live the small town of Magna, UT. Six weeks ago I worked full time for an Orthodontist named Dr. Hiller, now my job consists of taking my 6yr old (Brandon) to and from kindergarten, chasing around my 2yr old (Carson) and taking care of my husband (Leslie). Six weeks ago, we lived in a cute little brick house on close to two acres next door to Leslie's parents (who saw our kids everyday), now we live in a cute little apartment on zero acres around the corner from Leslie's cousin and his family. Six weeks ago my husband Leslie was a full time Firefighter, now Leslie works in one of the largest copper mines in the world (Kennecott). Why all these changes? Well, about a year ago, we were discussing the future of our kids and their education and opportunities for church activities and scouting, and we decided to make a move to a place where our children could have more opportunities to do more things. So we are now Utahans, and it has been an adventure so far, we all love it and look forward to all the adventures to come.