Friday, August 8, 2008


Our trip home to Las Vegas was an adventure to say the least! I made the decision to travel alone with my two boys (my husband stayed home due to work). Yes, I know, I am as crazy as you think. We flew, but I think that only added to our troubles. Carson, who is my most highstrung was sick most of the flight from New Orleans to Las Vegas while Brandon slept. Carson went through several dirty diapers I think because he had a nervous tummy and then to top it all off he cried (more like screaming) for about an hour and 15min of our second flight and then threw-up all over himself and the isle (thank goodness) and if that wasn't enough to send me over the edge everyone was trying to 'help'. One passenger form the way back of the plane offered an extra pacifier "just in case he lost his" but unfortunatly he has never taken one, not ever! The airline attenants kept offering food to calm him, which usually works, but poor thing, he was just tired and didn't feel well. Of course there were the dirty looks from other passangers, and one time a woman turned to give a 'look' and offered her an opportunity to try to calm him down herself (maybe she could've done a better job than his own mother), but she quickly declined and never looked back again. Ou stay in Las Vegas was quite the opposite, we had a blast but that is another blog entirely. And of course on our way home it was delay after delay and we ended up spending an extra night with my parents and then finally made our way home, a day late, and exhausted. So next time we decide to go anywhere especially flying I will not do it alone! It was almost the end of my sanity!!