Tuesday, April 26, 2011


  This year has started and passed us by SO quickly already, I cannot believe it is almost MAY! In Utah you'd never know it, there is forecast for snow today....I'm SO ready for it to warm up for good.
So here's a peek at what has been going on with us so far this year....
We found king cakes in UTAH for Mardi Gras! Les was like a giddy little boy when I brought this home.  Its been TWO years since he's had one.
I had my first photo shoot through my school to start my cosmetology portfolio.
The theme for the shoot was an 'everyday look' I chose my darling little sister Lori to b my model and as you can see, I made a great choice!! I cut, highlighted and styled her hair.  (In my last post there is a shot of her 'before' hair)
This is my favorite one....it was the 'test shot'

 Brandon received his Bobcat in Cub Scouts he was SO excited!

He wouldn't pin my pin on me, he didn't want to poke my with it.

The patch on his uniform
I have gone through lots of hair changes since I stared school...haha!

Finally (so far)

We went to a wedding in northern Utah on April 9th.....

This is what it looked like on our way up to Logan for the wedding

The Bride (Jenn Putnam, my first cousin) and Groom (Scott Twiss, lucky guy!) coming out of the Temple in the SNOW

SO happy!


During the Wedding celebration it was fun for all the kids to play.
Lori (20), Melina (33), J.dub (31), Me (34), April (27) Me and ALL of my siblings together....it's a rare occasion, since we live all over the  place
Justin (Melina's) Brandon (Mine) Grant, Drake (J.Dub's) and Carson (Mine)


When we got home from the wedding (which was only 1 1/2 drive north) this is what it looked like:

Lastly...our boys are growing up SO fast, they don't look little anymore :-(
But they are handsome, if I do say so myself ;-)

Brandon (8)

 Carson (4)

.....Till next time.