Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Singing Time

I have been called as our wards Primary Chorister.....AND I LOVE IT!! I thought that YW's was the only place for me, but I was wrong! I love being in Primary!!  Those sweet little (sometimes loud) voices singing and learning about the Gospel is really humbling.  They don't care that I have ZERO musical talent, or that I am a BIG DORK who is overly excited about being with them, they (most of them) love singing time!  This past Sunday I chose for the Senior Primary kids to sing Scripture Power, they sing this song with so much enthusiasm, for some reason the spirit hit so hard and I couldn't even sing with them cause I was balling like a baby, haha!
Plus, I get to be a crafty:

These darling little buckets were so fun yet tedious to make, good thing I have a Cricut that did all the cutting for me :-)  and the buckets are double sided (the center divider is floral foam). You see our Primary is HUGE, so it's hard to know all the kids names and be able to remember who has helped and who has not, so on each on of the CTR sticks is a child's name, and when I (or anyone else in Primary) needs a helper we can just pick one of the CTR shields and that is our helper.  Once we have used the CTR shield it get placed in the back of the bucket and the back is full we will turn it around  and start all over. 

OH!!! I forgot to mention that the Primary theme for 2012 is Choose The Right (CTR) I love this theme, it is so basic and simple, but, SO important. 

Click the CTR and hear the 2012 song 'As a Child of God'

I can't wait to see what else this calling has in store ;-)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


This year has started off FANTASTIC! I Graduated from Cosmetology school and stared my own business...A salon in our home.  It is still a work in progress, but I am so excited about it!