Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lesson Learned!!!

I know EVERY time I blog I add pictures....well this blog will be different! So, bare with me ;-)

I have had some great opportunities lately that have made me look at the way my life has 'turned' out. In my ward I am the Mia Maid advisor and so I get to serve the YW in my ward that are 14&15. For most people this would be a daunting task because the lives of 14&15 year old girls are so 'turbulent', but not me, when I was called to this calling I was OVERJOYED!! At first I think I was just being selfish, because let's be honest the Young Woman's program is a BLAST, because there are so many fun things to do like girls camp (which I am an assistant director of also), weekly activities, youth conference, dances etc. (and since I have no daughters, this may be the ONLY way I get to have these experiences). But then I got to meet the girls that are in YW (not just my sweet Mia Maids) and my view changed dramatically! When I was their age things were so much simpler. They have SO many things getting their way on the path to the Celestial kingdom, and yet they are SO strong. They have NO idea what THEY have done for ME so far! I have served in YW's before and it has never hit me like this. These girls are SO important to the future of the church, sometimes it's hard to express that to them.

This last Saturday was the General YW Broadcast and being so close to the conference center we were able to get tickets to go. I was so excited to go, and we only had ONE young woman decide to go, but we went anyway. It seemed that the whole day was against us going, I was not feeling well, the leader that was driving was caught in traffic on her way to pick us up, the parking lot we had passes for was full, and FINALLY, when we got to the door to get in there couldn't have been more that 20 people in front of us and we were all turned away cause the conference center was FULL!! But things couldn't have turned our BETTER!! We walked across the street to the tabernacle and were part of about 50 or so people inside to watch the broadcast. It was SO amazing! The message were so inspiring (as usual). All the speakers focused on Virtue and the love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for each of them. The youth in the church today NEED the 'Virtue Value' so desperately, I am so thankful that it is now part of the YW program! As we walked into the tabernacle there was a group of 6 formally dressed couples walking up at the same time. They stuck out a little, but then I watched as those 6 young men dropped their PROM dates off at the tabernacle so they could listen to the leaders of the church give them guidance. I was SUPER impressed with: First those young women, for standing together in doing what was right, AND on top of that, ALL their dresses were MODEST!!! Second, by those young men for supporting their dates in doing what was right! As we walked away the ONE young woman that went with us, said, 'What a great way to start Prom. With a reminder to BE GOOD!' In that moment I learned the greatest lesson about the YW that I serve: I can try my hardest to share with them the tools they need to progress in this life and be the best example I can be, BUT.....in reality they learn from EACH OTHER's examples! I am definately learning from these girls who I am supposed to be teaching.......What 'they' say is true: 'the teacher learns more than the student'! I can safely say they teach me on a regular basis!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

'Momma I want a Crabby Pattie'

So, today Carson came to me and said, 'Momma, I want a Crabby Pattie for supper.' We then a conversation between him and I of him trying to explain to me what a 'Crabby Pattie' is. First he said that it is a 'Pattie that Spongebob makes' So I asked him if he and Brandon wanted to make their own Crabby Patties. Of course that said YES because they jump at ANY chance to 'help' me in the kitchen.
This is documentation of the 'making of a 'Crabby Patty':

Carson the chef My two helpers

Our Crabby Paddie ingredients Love that smile!

Carson with his 'Crabby Pattie'

Brandon with his 'Crabby Pattie'

The best part of 'cooking' EATING!!!
As ya'll can tell our version of the 'Crabby Pattie' is really just a sandwich on a hamburger bun, I think that their 'Crabby Patties' tasted so good to them because THEY made them!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Races!

A couple of weekends ago we drove to Las Vegas for the Nascar race at the Las Vegas Speedway. It was my first time to actually witness the madness they call Nascar and I AM converted to the sport now!! I had so much fun and somehow now understand what all the hype is about.....but I cannot explain it in words. It's something you have experience to fully understand!
These are only a few of the pictures that weekend:
There is nothing like a Daddy with his boy at the race track!
Brandon and some showgirls He was NOT looking at the showgirls ta ta's! He was looking at his cousin Justin who was being pushed toward them by his mom. Just wanted nothing to do with this! (haha)
Brandon and his cousin Justin (two peas in a pod)
This is Brandon getting an autograph from the #2 car's driver Kurt Busch. The way this happened was pretty cool, he rushed out in the 'road' where Kurt was walking to his car to run his qualifying laps (he was the fasted car that day and broke the track record for qualifying lap) and a couple of little girls rushed in front of him so he kind of stepped back, then Kurt Busch turned around and grabbed his hand and pulled him along with him while he gave him his autograph. That was only only autograph he gave as he walked to his car! Needless to say he in now the driver I watch and cheer for!! The way to a mothers heart is through her children, what a great guy he was that day! He made Brandon's day!
Brandon getting an autograph from #20 driver Joey Logano

Leslie's favorite driver #88 Dale Earnhart Jr

Brandon loved this day till about 2pm and then he was done!