Saturday, July 2, 2011


I know it's been a LONG time since I blogged, so here it pictures just thoughts:

We have been so busy....

I have been going full speed in school, and doing well, getting almost straight A's on all my tests....Now don't fall over or anything, I know this may shock some of you, but I LOVE SCHOOL!! It could have something to do with the fact that it's FUN,and I totally get everything that I am learning SO fast.  At school we have a student council called the 'Student Unity Council' that changes every 3 months and this week we had re-election and I was elected to be the President or 'Student Unity Director' there are two other people on the council with me and one of our Instructors is the advisor over the council.  Thank goodness they are all three amazing women, who I already love, so it should be a good experience.

Brandon had his first Basketball camp a couple of weeks ago and he was in heaven for the entire week.  He was moved from the 'little' goal, to the 'big' one after the first day.  What does this mean you ask? He was too big and too good at shooting to play on the 8 foot goal with the kids his age, so he was moved to the 10 foot goal with older kids and he actually kept up with them and won games all week long.  I could not be prouder of him or have a prouder husband.

Carson is enrolled in these wonderful day camps that are organized and taught by his preschool teacher Miss Alisha (or as Carson says 'Muh-Lisha') They are in two week increments for two days a week.  The first one was cooking, the one he is in now is a science theme, the next one has an arts and crafts theme and the last one will be a 'Fit Kids' one.  He is LOVING them.  He already loves and adores 'Muh-Lisha' so it was a no brainer for us.

Les is just working, working, working his fingers to the bone to supports us in all we do. He is anxiously awaiting deer, duck, and elk hunting seasons.

This all brings me to the purpose of the title of my blog 'FREEDOM'....We have so many freedoms in this country that go unrecognized everyday, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful to have the freedom to belong to the religion I choose and to raise my family the way I want.  There are just not the right words to say how amazing it is to live HERE at THIS TIME to enjoy so many FREEDOMS.  I come from a very faithful and patriotic heritage, both of my Grandpa's were Air Force men and fought in the Korean war, I am grateful to them for fighting for our freedom.  I live in an area that is close to TWO military bases and I see service men and women all the time, there are members of my ward and husbands of my friends who serve our country, one of my best friends has an 18 yr old son in the Air Force.  I am humbled by the service of these men and women for doing their duty to protect my family and my freedoms.....THANK YOU! I cannot express enough gratitude for your sacrifice and the sacrifice your families make everyday!


Happy 4th of July Y'all!!  Celebrate with your whole heart and don't forget why you are celebrating!