Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Eclipse Event

On Tuesday June 29th there was a huge event for the premier for 'The Twilight Saga: Eclpise' at Jordan Landing in West Jordan, UT.....
First we all went to eat and then to the Event, which was such a BLAST!! There were so much going on, there was manicures, 'hair glimmer', sparkle booths, photo booths, live music, vendor booths selling everything 'Vampire' and 'Werewolf'. 

We ate a Carino's, and Italian Resturaunt
(chosen by my friend Amy, as she said, 'as a nod to the Volutri')
It was So yummy!

Elise Kipp, Amy Callahan, and me

Our red 'sparkle toes', painted special for the event

We made our own T-shirts just for the night
Elise's T-Shirt (she's pregnant, I thought it was SO clever)

My T-Shirt (I just think Emmett is fantastic!)

My friend Amy made her a shirt too, but I didn't get a great picture of it.  It said 'I saw Sparkly things and got confused'  She tie-dyed it red and black and it had the wolfpack tattoo on it. 

Some of the fun that was had!
Me and Edward (haha)

Getting my 'Hair Glimmer' It was shiny stands of hair tied into my own.
(it was fun to feel like a teenager again (-;)

Our fun group on the way into the theater
Back row, l-r: Me, Amy Callahan, Elise Kipp, Carole Santizo
Middle row, l-r: Andrea Salvania, Heidi Hansen, Jessika Santizo,
Front row, l-r: Emily Ellefson, Crystal Pitkin, Nisha Murray, Nataly Santizo

Our group in the theater waiting for the movie, while we waited (from 10pm-12:01am) we had a private concert from the band 'Twilight Music Girls', special performances from 'Ballroom Utah' and there was a ton of drawings! It was SO much fun!!
l-r: Emily Ellefson, Andrea Salvania, Jessika Santizo, Nataly Santizo, Carole Santizo, Amy Callahan, Elise Kipp, Me, Heidi Hansen (missing is Nisha Murray and Crystal Pitkin)

As for the Movie:
The first thing I noticed that everyone looked so much more beautiful!!
Bella (just pretty)

                                                           Edward (no scruff or lipstick)            

  Jacob (he looks older)
EMMETT!!! (Sigh)

Jackson Rathbone is a fine looking man, but as Jasper he isn't super good looking, but as 'Major Jasper Whitlock, ma'am'.....he was fine.                                               

The 'Teams' were clearly defined......
The Good Guys!
The Cullens

The Wolf Pack

The Bad Guys!!

The New Born Army


The Volturi

The chemistry was A-MAZING!!!

Edward and Bella were pretty steamy....

....and so were Jacob and Bella!!

I loved that there was some intimate moments shown between Alice and Jasper, so dang cute!

Well Emmett was in this movie more too, hopefully in Breaking Dawn, there will be even MORE!!

The hatred between Edward and Jacob was so thick!

Over all this movie was the BEST of the series so far and I will be going to see it again, I already have Leslie promising to go with me after girls camp.