Thursday, April 29, 2010

Momma Time

I realize that a lot of my posts lately have been centered around food or the kitchen,'s another one!

Carson making sure there is enough dough to make a 'BIG' cookie (they were all big)

Here is what Carson and I do while Brandon is at school, I realize it's a little unfair, but the summer is coming and then Brandon will be able to be involved too.
Trying to eat the dough out of the scoop, Ha ha!

Leslie asked me to bake some cookies because the guys he works with 'requested' some.  To me this is hilarious, they are regular chocolate chip cookies.
He mastered the cookie scoop

Forming the perfect cookie dough ball

Finally he got his taste, and he got to lick the paddle from the mixer.

After they were all done, he didn't even ask for one cause he knew they were for Daddy to take to work (and he got to eat more dough than he should have) I will miss these sweet times with him when he is all grown up.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rolls, Rolls and more Rolls!

I know I blogged about learning that I could make rolls from SCRATCH!!
I am still amazed at the power of a good recipe, my Kitchenaid mixer and a little patience! Well just see for your self!

The Beautiful Dough
The sheer AMOUNT of rolls you can make with very little ingredients still amazes me
Fresh out of the oven, I wish ya'll could smell them YUMMY!!!
......And they even TASTE good!! Here's the recipe:


I know I probably should have had my boys doing this years ago, but there is a 'certain' way I like things done. But recently I have realized that I need to let that go! My boys will one day be missionaries and husbands, if I don't teach them to do the dishes the right way, who will?

Carson doing his part...the silverware!
Brandon is tall for his age, but not quite tall enough to reach the cupboards from the floor (haha)
Carson was SO focused on doing it right, I loved that!
Brandon has ALWAYS been a good helper.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter is a magical time of year.....for 3 reasons usually, but, this year there were 4!!!!

1. It's the time of year to remember our Savior and His sacrifice for us. For each of us that act has a specific but different meaning, and I love to have a reason to reflect on that, but we shouldn't need a 'reason', it should always remember Him and His Atonement.

2. The Easter Bunny comes!!! I love these smiles!
We were in Enterprise, UT this year at my Gramma and Gramoa Honey's house, and Brandon was super concerned that the Easter Bunny wouldn't know where to find us, haha, he is so cute! So Saturday night we put their Easter baskets out on Gramma Honey's hearth so the Easter Bunny could fill them.....and he DID!!

Fun at the picnic!
3. The annual Truman family Easter picnic!!!
Every year our family (cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and sometimes, family friends) gathers in Bunkerville, NV for a picnic. This has been a tradition since my family moved to Vegas when I was 12. However I missed 10 years worth of picnics while I was on my mission and living in Louisiana. I missed these fun times! There is ALWAYS and egg hunt with all the little kids and the big kids hide them while the adults 'relax'. Plus, there is TONS of food and this year there was a 'volleyball tournament' for the 'almost adults' ;-) At any rate it was a lot of fun to be with Family!

Carson playing with bubbles!

Some of the 'food' I was talking about

Carson sleeping on my favorite pillow from childhood during conference (Awwwe the memories)

4. Last but NOT least this Easter was also General Conference!! I already LOVE conference, and to have it on Easter Sunday made it that much more special AND to be at the Honey's, words cannot express how special that was. Growing up we ALWAYS spent conference weekend in Enterprise with the family. Being there for Conference brought back SO many memories.

Conference was SO amazing, I loved it all. I felt that most of the talks were directed to parents and youth and their leaders, I felt so uplifted and inspired to be a better parent and leader to the YW in our ward!

In short Easter weekend was SO awesome and I wish there were more weekends during the year like Easter weekend!