Friday, February 19, 2010

And.....the FIRST time's the charm!!

The lion House Roll recipe is the BEST and most 'user friendly' recipe EVER!!!
I have tried making rolls before and I have NEVER succeeded, but I found this recipe and decided to give it one more try. I was just amazed that that FIRST time I tried it....IT WORKED!! and they taste AMAZING!!

Up close and personal YUMMY!!

I wish ya'll could smell them!!


Look how light and fluffy!!

Even better with butter and honey!

Here's the link to the site I got the recipe from:


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Breakfast of Champions!!

My sweet little Carson has his own idea of what is right.....for EVERYTHING. One day last week he decided what he wanted for breakfast:
Scrambled Eggs

AND.....Chocolate Chip/M&M cookies!!

He is so cute! Who could say no to that face? Plus he ate EVERY bite of both!!

My sweet little guy with his favorite breakfast

Step OFF!! This is MY breakfast!

Chowing Down!!!!

'I love you, eggs!'

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I know the Super Bowl is over now, but....the Saints WON for the first time in their history!! At our house it was almost like Christmas. Even Brandon and Carson sat through most of the game and cheered on the Saints. I have NEVER enjoyed a game so much since I've started watching football (about the time I got married) For Les it was almost like being back home, he made home made Jambalaya, I made chocolate pie, lemon ice box pie and cheese caso dip, it was SO much fun.

Keep the Fun Going!!

This week at Brandon's school is a fun dress-up week, they are encouraging the kids to dress up in support of the Utah Jazz, no offence to the Jazz fans out there....But I DON"T THINK SO!!! Today (Tues) was 'Wacky Sports Fan' day, naturally he wanted to dress as a Saints fan, so the search for a Saints t-shirt or jersey began....Of course in Utah there is nothing even close to 'Saints memorabilia'! So I took matters into my own hands, I bought a plain black t-shirt and some printable iron on transfers, then found several New Orleans Saints pictures online:

Brandon chose this one to go on his shirt:

But just a T-shirt just wasn't enough to be a 'Wacky Fan' so we also painted his face:

He said he didn't want 'Geaux' because he didn't think the other kids would be able to read it, he is so cute!

He was SO proud to represent the Saints at school!!