Monday, January 31, 2011

Update!!!!, just a warning, this will be the longest blog post EVER!!! So be prepared....
Christmas 2010
Santa was VERY good to us this year!

These two were very excited, but also sick on Christmas morning.

 Christmas Eve PJ's

 My presents from Les (the gorgeous painting and pieces for my nativity)
My Present to him (an iPod)

Brandon is a CUB SCOUT!!
He loves being a Cub Scout

He may be growing up, but he's still my baby

Field Trip with Preschool to the Fire Dept
The Firefighters have rescue Jet Ski's because we live close to the lake (they also have rescue snow mobiles)

Carson's class with his cute teacher Miss Alisha (I just love her!!)

Carson laughing as Miss Alisha put on all that heavy Fire Fighter gear

Carson's best bud, Cameron.  

Inside the ambulance

By the Fire Truck

I'm in Beauty School!
I never thought school could be so much fun! It's hard work and a lot of hours, but it's a BLAST!  I go to school Tuesday through Saturday from 9am-5pm, it's like a full time job! I am so grateful for my wonderful in-laws who are here to take care of my boys so I can do this.  Also for my amazing husband who helped me realize this is a dream I have wanted for years now, he is such a STRONG supporter, I love him!

My 'business card' haha

Studying for my Freshman final (I scored a 98%)

My Freshman class
back: Liz, Amy  Front: Michelle (not a freshman but a good friend) ME, Jody 
I have made some amazing friends already, this group especially! I just love them!

My first attempt at an updo

My second updo

The back 

My first highlights and layered cut

My first foil weave highlight before and after. This is my baby sis Lori and, yes that curl is all natural and I did straighten it all by myself with a blow dryer and flat iron (It was no easy task, just ask her, but she helped me through it)

Me and Lori after all of coloring and cutting, LOVE YOU!

And finally.....

Brandon is playing Jr Jazz Basketball:

My little baller ;-)

Still figuring it out

Now he's got it.  This was their first game and they WON!!
They played their second game on Saturday and lost, BUT, Brandon scored 3 baskets and had a bunch of assists! He really is getting good, due to the coaching skills of Daddy and PawPaw.  There is some natural talent in there too, since his Daddy, PawPaw AND Grandpa ALL played Basketball most of their lives.

There it is...the longest post EVER...hopefully I will blog again sooner than later ;-)