Friday, October 17, 2008

Our trip to Houston for Amie Lyns blessling

Proud parents April and Jacob Rotolo.
Grandparents Dave and Jacque Truman
Cousins Brandon and Carson Phenald
We drove from Baton Rouge to Houston for the Blessing, it is a 4 1/2 hr drive that took us 6 hrs. Leslie had to work that weekend so we went by ourselves, it was quite the adventure. Carson was so tired he fell asleep eating his pizza, I was just as tired. I don't know what it is with me and taveling alone with my kids, crazy is what it is.
Brandon relaxing and coloring at Aunt April and Uncle Jacobs house.

Amie Lyn Rotolo (my niece)the prettiest baby girl I have ever seen!
Carson and Amie getting to know each other. Carson did not like Amie for the first 2 days, he would throw a fit everytime I picked her up. They will be friends one day
Brandon on the other hand was smitten at first sight. He loved cousin Amie before they evef met
Carson and Amie, she loved him and he loved her finally!
Brandon is a natural big brother (cousin). He loves his cousin Amie.

Carsons turns 2!!

Brandon, Channi, and Carson opening presents.
All the presents.
The cake! I made this cake and decorated it. It took 4 hrs to put it together and decorate it. Mickey's face and hat is white cake and his ears are chocolate, it turnrd out so cute.
The cake after about 10 min after the candle was blown out :-(
Carson had lots of 'help' opening his presents. Brandon was just showing Carson how to do it.

Hurricane Gustav

Brandon enjoying the storm,He thought it was cool when the tree in my in-laws front yard fell.
The view from our front door, afer the storm. this little tree was almost completely uprooted.
Our big 'broken' oak tree in the front yard.
Carson napping. It was so hot he usually just wore a diaper to sleep and he still couldn't stop sweating, niether could the reast of us.
An old oak tree next to our church building was comletely uprooted.
On September 1st Hurricane Gustav hit Baton Rouge, La. We were very blessed not to have too much damage. As ya'll can see, our home survived, but we had a lot of trees 'broken', we were also without power for 5 days. Now you say 5 days can't be that bad, think about no air conditioner, no cold food, no T.V., it is also very dark at night! On top of that Leslie worked 8 days straight (he is a firefighter) and I couldn't work because there was no power at the office where I work, Brandon's school was closed for 2 weeks. It was worse for us than the time Hurricane Katrina hit.