Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baptism Day

Brandon is baptized
Brandon in his white just before he was baptized

This day has been VERY anticipated by Brandon, he has been counting the days and making preparations to be ready. He has been SO excited, when we asked him why, his response was: 'Well after I'm baptized then I will FINALLY get the holy ghost.' Of course this made me a proud momma, but Brandon has always been very accepting of the teachings of the Gospel and has wanted to be baptized for a few years now.
  He was baptized by his Daddy:
Les and Brandon in their white
My personal favorite from this day :-)

Our family with my mom (Jacque), dad (Dave) and baby sister Lori

Our family with Les's parents (Donna and D.D.)

And as usual, Carson looked up to Brandon on this day
These are two of my favorite people on the planet!

Brandon is such a good big brother, he teaches Carson all the time.  I overhear him at least once a day teaching how to do something, or why something is, but my favorite is when I hear him teaching Carson something Gospel related.....How did I get so blessed to have such good boys, who love each other so much?

Our family

I am in awe of what our family has become.  It seems like just yesterday that Leslie and I were married, but at the same time it feels like we have ALWAYS been a family, it is hard for me to remember a time when I didn't know him or have these two wonderful boys in my life.  I know that Heavenly Father's plan of Eternal families is the most important thing ever given to man, and I count myself blessed by that every day of my life. Yesterday was one of those days that the feelings of gratitude could barely be contained, and I have been more emotional than usual all weekend. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I love my family and my Savior more than words can express.  
This was the perfect start to our Christmas season!