Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Neptune Park

A few months ago a new park was built close by...It really is the COOLEST park ever built!  They call it 'Neptune Park' and it is part of Saratoga Springs City and its about 2 miles from our house.

The best thing at Neptune Park is this amazing pyramid rope coarse, Les climbed it one took him several minutes. I was only able to get half way before I was too scared I wasn't going to be able to get down.

Brandon can climb to the very top in about 30 seconds I'm not sure how tall it is, but I would guess it's about 40 feet to the top (?)  Apparently it is the only structure of it's kind in the Western Hemisphere.

Carson can only get this far ;-)

There are some really great equipment at Neptune Park, there is something for toddlers to adults...swings, slides, jungle gyms etc.  There is even a pretty amazing basketball court, that has goals for all sizes from little guys (about 7ft) to Pro size (10ft) the Basketball courts were built through a donations by the Utah Jazz so it makes sense that at the 'Grand Opening' and ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday that the Jazz was a part of the celebration!

The boys got to meet and get an autograph from the Jazz mascot 'Bear'

There were a TON of people there and we had to wait in a line, but the boys were so excited about it, they are pretty big Jazz fans!

 They were handing out a Jazz magazine that has information about each player and the team history. The Jazz also sent one of the players Josh Howard #8, Brandon was especially excited to get to meet him and get his autograph on his page in the book....Brandon has set a goal to get each of the players autographs in that book and when he grows up he wants to play for the Utah Jazz!!

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