Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grandma Honey

This summer has been one of the most life changing of my life.  On June 29th 2012 I lost one of the most influential people in my life:
My sweet Grandma Honey

She was diagnosed with bladder cancer over memorial day weekend and was placed on hospice within days and lived longer than anyone expected: 4 long and painful weeks.

Reva Helen Atkin Truman
(Grandma Honey)
November 17 1933-June 29 2012

I love this lady so incredibly much and looked up to her probably more than just about anyone. She was a very loving and talented woman.

I just want to pay tribute to this incredible lady of a minute:

This is her at probably age 5

Wasn't she a fox?!
On the day she became Mrs. Bill Truman (age 18)

On their honeymoon to Colorado

They have the greatest love story EVER!

In reading my her history I came across the most beautiful things. This quote is my favorite... It's some of her feelings for my Grandpa:
'As with most young couples, the first years we had to learn to live together and adapt, to compromise, and to forgive and forget. We have refused to permit grudges to separate us, even in spirit. We were deeply in love when we married, were physical in our love and found pleasure in this aspect of our marriage, and still appreciate being close, touching, and taking time together. He puts me first in all situations. I still get breathless when he holds me close, look forward to his return, and find peace in his presence.'

One week before she passed...look at the love and worry in his eyes as he looks at her
One of the last times she was able to talk to me.
I was privileged to be close by when her spirit left this earth life behind, along with my grandpa, my dad, my baby sister, Lori and my two boys.  It was a very special experience that I haven't been able to put into words yet...one day I hope to put into words my feeling from that night.

My dad is her oldest child
I am her oldest (and favorite) grandchild
I love her and miss the heck out of her. I know that there is a plan for this life and that I will see her again, I am grateful for the Gospel of  Jesus Christ for providing the path for for us to follow, I do not know how I would be able to find peace in this loss with out it!


Amanda Credeur said...

How beautiful she was! I want her swimsuit ;)

We miss you guys tons, the boys are getting big, I can't believe it! They won't even know us...it makes me sad :(

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

that last post from amanda was supposed to be from me! i was logged on to my class reunion google account lol...sorry!

JacqueTruman said...

Ok not fair this was absolutely a perfect tribute to grandma honey. Yes you were her fav but only because you were her first grandchild and she had you all to herself for about 11 months. But she loved each one of her grandchildren the same as we all know. Yes the greatest lady I've ever know equal to my mom. We love our moms so much, then that day comes and they return to our father in heaven. What a blessing that is for them to not have to suffer the pains of this world to long. Aren't we glad we get to live worthy to reunite with them again. Love you my dear Channi.